About Us

Baby Bathtime is the passion behind Baby Diego. We believe the bathing experience is one of the most treasured times that a mom or dad can share with their child. Baby Diego was founded on bringing to the market innovative products that enrich this experience by increasing the comfort, safety and fun shared by the family. We find our inspiration from the world’s diverse cultures, grandma’s experience and mother’s daily challenges. Our flagship product, the Bathinette, was inspired by the European and Latina moms who have enjoyed similar products for generations. Now Baby Diego has combined the popular simplicity & convenience with a modern design.

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Baby Diego in ‘Colorado Parent’ magazine

Turn to page 27 to see Baby Diego® feature in this magazine


Bright Idea Makes Bathtime Blissful for Mom and Baby

Mom-entrepreneur fulfills the need for a more bonding, comfortable, and convenient infant bathing experience with Baby Diego®