Bright Idea Makes Bathtime Blissful for Mom and Baby

~ Mom-entrepreneur fulfills the need for a more bonding, comfortable, and convenient infant bathing experience with Baby Diego® ~

Las Vegas, NV – April 5th, 2011 – Bathing a baby should be a time for new mothers and fathers to soothe and connect with their little one. However, the most common methods for infant bath time come with inherent hassles, including awkward positioning and the inconvenience of keeping baby’s shampoo and other essentials handy without jeopardizing safety. For mothers coming home from the hospital after C-section deliveries, or parents and caregivers with back problems, bending over to bathe baby in an infant tub on the floor can cause pain and strain. For most mothers, using a germ-prone kitchen sink is not an option. Thankfully, a Latin mother of two toddlers, Meritxell McNally, knew there was a better way and has brought a time-tested baby bathing method to the United States.

Meritxell grew up in Mexico and spent a lot of time in Spain during her childhood. In both countries “bathinettes” have been used by mothers for over a century. Meritxell took her familiarity with the idea of a bath and changing table combo and designed a modernized version for today’s practical, yet style-conscious, mothers.

Baby Diego® is a contemporary, ergonomically-designed bathtub and changing table all in one that is elevated to an adult’s comfortable height for bathing infants. It eliminates the need for a separate changing area as well. It turns bath time into bonding time between parent and child by fostering interaction, eye-to-eye contact, comfort and closeness that are difficult to achieve with other baby tubs. The four different models – Standard, Deluxe, Sleek and Posh – feature multiple compartments and large storage space for keeping all of baby’s must-haves for bath and diaper changes within arm’s reach and neatly organized. The different models are incredibly functional with safety top-of-mind, plus, they are contemporary in design for today’s style-savvy moms. Each design is available in a variety of great colors.

Unique features of the Baby Diego include a long and flexible drain tube for emptying the tub water, which eliminates lifting the tub to dump out used water, and the ability to bath a child in two positions - an infant lying down or a toddler sitting up. You can safely use it with babies 0-24 months that do not exceed 30 lbs.

Baby Diego is available for purchase online at and at select retail locations across the U.S.

About Founder / Creator Meritxell McNally

Baby Diego founder Meritxell McNally was raised in Mexico where “bathinettes” – bath and table combos – are commonly used for bathing infants and toddlers. When she had her first baby, Diego, Meritxell wanted him to experience the same bonding bathtime ritual she did as a child with her mother – an experience that a bathinette-style tub uniquely offers. Now living in Nevada, having moved to the U.S. nine years ago, she went on a search to find this bathinette-style bathing unit for babies used by her mother and generations before. Her search left her empty handed. No such product existed in the U.S. She knew she shared her quest for better bathtime options with other U.S. parents so in 2008 she launched Baby Diego®. A Harvard graduate with degrees in communication and business, Meritxell took her idea from mind to manufacturing to market in a relatively short period of time. She now manages manufacturing and marketing initiatives for Baby Diego in the U.S., Latin America and Europe and it is on its way to becoming an international brand.

McNally says, “I’ve always thought of bath time as a ritual, a time to connect with myself and with nature through my favorite element which is water. It helps me rethink, reflect, and renew.”

“When my first baby was born none of the available bathtub options in the market clicked with me and I was certainly not going to wash my baby in the sink,” explains McNally. “I figured that I couldn’t be the only mom looking and that’s when “Baby Diego” was created. I was glad to find out that thousands of moms like me were looking for such a solution, too!”

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